The security camera that recognizes your baby crying

Honeywell's indoor C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera can recognize the difference between a crying baby and a smoke alarm, and sends a notification to your smart device if it hears either. It also lets you watch what's happening at home, anytime, anywhere, and can detect other unusual movements and sounds. Versatile and easy to install, you can combine multiple cameras through the same Home app to keep an eye on your whole home yourself. Now you can see more and hear more.

Smart Features

Intelligent sound detection

The C2 recognizes many sounds and knows the difference between them. Mount it in your baby nursery and it can alert you to your baby crying and sends a notification if compatible smoke or carbon monoxide alarms* are triggered, letting you act quickly.

*For a full list of compatible smoke and CO alarms, see our FAQ section

Night Vision

Advanced night vision mode and incredible clarity helps you keep an eye on things when the sun goes down, for more reliability and quality, and added peace of mind around the clock.


The Home App uses geofencing to track your location, enabling home and away modes. It automatically turns the camera on when you leave the house, then off when you come home. So it’s always in tune with your movements.

High Definition Wide-angle View

The powerful 145° wide-angle view lets you see more in pin-sharp 1080p high definition, with wall, table and ceiling mounted options to suit your home.

Adjustable Alert Zones

Set up to four special alert zones to monitor windows or doors, while ignoring background motion like ceiling fans, so you can see more of the things you care about, and less of what you don’t.

Two-way audio

Handy two-way audio means you can keep in touch instantly, wherever you are. So if you see your playful dog eating the mail, you can tell him to stop - right there and then.

Cloud and SD Storage

For total security, enjoy free secure cloud storage to stream and download surveillance clips from the past 24 hours. The encrypted 8GB SD card acts as back-up if Wi-Fi is unavailable.

How it works

Easy-to-install and self-monitored, the C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera is quick to set up, even for those that don’t do DIY.

Step 1

Get the Home app

Available for Apple or Android, the Home app allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to monitor and control your Lyric C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera anytime, anywhere.

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Phone screen

Step 2

Simple to set up

The Home app will guide you through set-up step-by-step. The table-top or wall-mounted options means there's no complicated wiring — just plug it in, connect the Home app and you're ready.

Phone screen

Step 3

Control from anywhere

The Home app knows to turn your camera on or off based on your location — so wherever you are, you can take comfort, knowing you can still keep an eye on the most precious things in life.

Phone screen


Powerful Camera

  • 1080p Full HD
  • 145° Wide-Angle View
  • 6x Zoom
  • Four Adjustable Alert Zones
  • Motion & Sound Detection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Flexible mounting on wall or table top
  • Plug-in power
  • Not professionally monitored

Versatile App

  • 24/7 Live Video
  • Smart Mobile Alerts
  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • Adapts to Your Location or Use Home & Away Modes

Even more security

With its additional features and enhanced performance, the C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera takes your home security to another level.

Basic Features C1 Camera C2 Camera
Intelligent Sound Detection Smoke & CO Alarms Smoke & CO Alarms and Baby Crying
Digital Zoom 5x 6x
Wide-Angle View 135° 145°
Video Resolution 720p 1080p
Night Vision Range 5m 10m
Adjustable Alert Zones 2 4
Mounting Positions Wall & Table Mounting Wall, Table & Ceiling Mounting
Geofencing Yes Yes